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Turkish Silk Exfoliating gloves

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I used it before applying my tanner and couldn’t believe how soft and smooth my skin was.


The best exfoliator ever!

Sarah L

My skin feels so smooth and soft. I can't believe its feels so great just using water.

Rachel N

My skin feels so smooth and refreshed. I have told all my friends to buy one. I just love it.

Jess B

I am so happy I found this! I am a cyclist and this has helped with ingrown hairs on my legs.

James C

I suffer from Keratosis pillars and this has really helped.

Jane K

My skin has never felt so smooth and full of life. I use exfoliant every week but the brac is a serious game changer. I have never peeled like this before.

Rhiannon Rickwood

It's really lovely to use and definitely got rid of my fake tan!

Libby Rainger

I have used this glove for a couple of weeks and wow! Its incredible. Since using the glove my skin feels soft to the touch, something I haven't had for a while and I am loving it.