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Our mission at brac is to support improved self love for people around the world. We aim to create a meditative skincare experience that is designed to benefit the skin and rejuvenate the soul. We have sought inspiration from ancient beauty rituals and the power of natures natural ingredients to develop a range of products which are simple, effective and well suited for busy modern lives.

Belief One

The most powerful ingredients and fibres come from nature


Everyday routines can be turned into self care/ mindfulness rituals


Simplicity and efficacy of ancient practices


Planet and people positive

Message from founders
Cara & Tess

We are friends that met at university in our late teens. We are adventurers by nature and passionate about travelling. By the age of thirty we were blessed to have both visited around 30% of the countries in the world (50+ countries). As we travelled we immersed ourselves in local culture and came across rituals and traditional ingredients which have been used to enhance the health, wellness and beauty for 1000's of years.

Fast forward five years, a global pandemic hit and the world changed overnight. The stress of lock-downs compounded and like many, prioritising self-care felt like another job on the to-do list rather than a priority. To help us get through we started revisiting some of the wellness rituals, natural ingredients and products that we came across during our travels. It was clear that the combination of simple self care rituals with potent and powerful natural ingredients & products was the perfect way to promote self love and mindfulness in our lives. We started brac. to share a modernised twist on ancient practices, products and ingredients to enhance your self-care and mindfulness.

brac. is the brand that is about self discovery, mindfulness, friendship and fun. We are honoured that you have taken the time to find us and we hope you will join our brac. life. community.

Join us to create your brac. life - a space to take a breathe and regenerate your skin, mind and soul.

Cara and Tess xx