brac. Dermaplaning Instructions

We recommend reading the below instructions prior to use.

Step 1.

Cleanse skin with a non-abrasive cleanser. Massage your cleanser into your skin for 1-2 minutes then rinse in lukewarm water, to ensure a thorough cleanse. Pat dry with a clean towel. Note. Cleansers containing glycolic or salicylic acid help lift skin cells which further prepares your skin for dermaplaning. 

Step 2.

Tone your skin with your usual toner. We recommend this step as it ensures any leftover oil and makeup is removed. 

Step 3.

Start your dermaplaning at the top right or your left side of your face, level with the top of your ear. Pick up your brac. Dermaplane in your dominant hand and hold the dermaplane’s blade (the longer blade of the two)  parallel to the skin at a 45-degree angle. With your other hand pull your skin up and tight. Throughout each of the following steps, make sure this hand is behind the direction of the blade pulling your skin tight. 

Step 4.

Use a gentle and repetitive downward motion and glide the brac. dermaplane blade down your skin. We recommend using small downward strokes of 0.5-1cm in length. Check the blade often and carefully wipe the blade clean with a clean cotton pad frequently and as required throughout your dermaplaning process. With a separate clean cotton pad wipe clean the completed skin areas as you go. 

Step 5.

Work your way down from the outer left or right side of your face and repeat on the alternative side. When you get to your jawline, hold the skin on your jawline up to give a flatter surface for the dermaplane blade to glide across. 

Step 6.

For your forehead area. Start in the top centre of your forehead and work outwards to one side and then repeat for the other. Use the same downward motion while holding your forehead skin tight. Remember to always use gentle small downward strokes. For the brow area, shape your brows as desired with the smaller blade, or avoid your brows altogether (depending on your preference). 

Step 7.

For your nose area, hold your brac. Dermaplane in your dominant hand and hold the short dermaplane blade to the skin at a 45-degree angle. With your other hand, place your index finger on the end of your nose and pull it to the right so you’re creating as even of a surface as possible on your left side of the nose. Use gentle outward strokes for this area to avoid catching your skin. Then repeat on the other side of your nose. For the bridge of your nose, pull your skin tight by placing two fingers between your eyebrows and pulling up. Using gentle and repetitive downward motions again glide the brac. dermaplane blade down the bridge of your nose. Be very careful here and take your time to avoid any nicks. 

Step 8. 

For your mouth and chin area, hold your brac. Dermaplane in your dominant hand, but this time use your tongue to push out your skin around your mouth to make it taught. Ensure your mouth is shut during this process. Then use your gentle and repetitive downward motions to dermaplane this area.

Step 9.

Rinse your face with cool water to remove any excess clear hair and skin cells. Then apply your favourite moisturiser. After dermaplaning we recommend to avoid exfoliation, any abrasive skincare products or face masks for 5 days after use. 

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