9 Steps to meditate in the shower

Since taking a shower and meditating are both calming, mood-lifting parts of the day, why not use the shower to get clean and practice mindfulness? It's a great time to tune into your senses and be truly present in that moment. 

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Below are a few simple tips which might help you enhance your mediation practice in the shower. The practice below focuses on the senses of  touch, sound, smell and sight to help you bring the practice of mindfulness to the shower

1. Slow down

Start by slowing down your bodily movements as you prepare to shower. This means removing your clothes slowly and carefully. Feel the air on your bare and naked skin. Enjoy the freedom of wearing nothing as you move towards the shower.

2. Feel the sensation of the shower

Under the shower, focus on the warm sensation of the water as gently falls onto your head and runs down your body.

3. Focus on your breath

Acknowledge the temperature of the water and allow  your muscles to relax. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Inhale; feel the steam flow in through your nose and imagine it expanding through your chest. Exhale, release your tension, stress, negative thoughts and negative energy. Imagine these negative flows eagerly escaping out of your mouth. Repeat 10 full breath cycles this way.

4. Tune into the sounds of the water

Tune into the sound of the water as it soothes your brain and allows any thoughts and feelings to be washed away.

5. Enjoy the smell of your shampoo

As you apply shampoo and conditioner, do so slowly, with care. Notice how it feels on your hair. Good massage, right? Then, let the lather accumulate for a moment before you rinse it out. Take a moment to tune into your sense of smell. Enjoy the aromatic scent of your shampoo. Steady and relax your breathing to make the most of this sense of smell.

6. Wash off dead skin with exfoliation

After 10 minutes step out of the direct flow of the shower to allow your skin to dry a little. Put on your brac. exfoliating glove and start to exfoliate your skin. Gently start to tune into the sensation of your hand passing over your skin. Make your movement slow and purposeful – give yourself time to feel the sensations and acknowledge them.

7. Re-enter the shower and feel the tension washing down the drain

As you re-enter the shower, feel the water flow smoothly down from your head and stream all the way down your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your fingertips, your back, your chest, your thighs, your calves, your toes, and then run off down the shower drain.

Imagine the water coursing down your body, draining with it all of the tension, strain and anxiety from your head and body, pulling and washing it all down, down, down towards the ground, falling into the drain and disappearing deep into the earth. Continue deeply inhaling and exhaling as you gratefully feel the tension completely running off you.

8. Take a few final refreshing breaths

Take a few final refreshing breaths, then slowly step out of the water stream and open your eyes. Wriggle your fingers, toes, arms and legs, feel happy energy coursing and surging through you. You are fresh. Your body is at peace. Your mind is clear. Your senses are alert.

9. Enjoy your day and the positive energy you have created

You are ready for this bright day ahead of you.