Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

To reduce the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris try the 3 step easy guide below and enjoy softer, smoother skin as a result.
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Keratosis Pilaris Treatment with Brac

The Best Treatment Keratosis Pilaris


Best Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

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Keratosis Pilaris - Step 2

Enjoy a long warm relaxing soak

Keratosis Pilaris - Step 3

Keratosis Pilaris Creams

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Step into Summer with Soft, Smooth Skin

Although the over production of keratin in the skin cannot be cured, the great news is most grow out of it. Plus, it’s a great excuse to enjoy taking time out for regular soaks combined with exfoliation. Helping your skin turnover it’s dead skin cells and keratin build ups with the right natural exfoliation and the appropriate moisturisation you can really make a huge difference. 

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris occurs when keratin (a hard protein that protects skin) builds up in the hair follicles and pores of the skin. This causes numerous little bumps on the skin about the size of a grain of sand. They feel rough to touch and can have the appearance of goosebumps. The slang name for Keratosis is “chicken skin”. The positive thing is Keratosis is not painful for most people who experience it. 

What causes Keratosis Pilaris?

When the skin produces too much of a protein called keratin, and the skin cells are not turning over as quickly as they could be, the keratin can build up block hair follicles and pores and cause small bumps to develop. The bumps are usually on the arms, thighs, cheeks and buttocks. They're white, sometimes red or brown.

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