Improve your self love with positive affirmations

Before a person is able to practice self love, first we need to understand what it means.

Self-love is about  moving to a state of appreciating oneself. Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. It is about taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self- love can mean something different for each person because we all have many different ways to take care of ourselves. Self-love means accepting yourself as you in a particular moment. It means accepting your emotions for what they are and putting your physical, emotional and mental well-being first.  It requires us to pause and think about our own needs and focus our actions towards meeting our needs.  This forms an essential part of your mental health.

Why is self love important?

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are short phrases you repeat to yourself, as frequently as necessary, to drown out the voices in your head that give power to things you don’t like about yourself. These voices might point out parts of your physical appearance you don't like, or areas of your work or personal life you think could be better. 

Positive affirmations are tailored to the specific needs of each person. The words you choose to drown out the negative voice in your head will be different to my own, however examples include phrases like, You're kind and a good person,  You're smart and you can achieve what you set your mind to. You’re doing the right thing for your family. Like many, I find myself filled with negative voices and thoughts when I look at myself in the mirror. This is often in the morning when I get out of the shower. Unfortunately giving power to these negative thoughts drains a person of positive energy before the day even begins. 

To counter this, when I start the day with positive affirmations, I instantly feel more energised, happier and more vibrant. It's often hard to find the time to incorporate more into each day. However, there are many daily rituals which are completed mindlessly and can easily be enhanced into a wellness ritual by becoming more mindful and tuning into your thoughts during this time. 

Below is a little ritual of intentional self love that I have incorporated into using my brac. Turkish Silk Exfoliating glove. I find it easier to keep focused using a tactile object as part of my mindfulness practice. I hope that this will help energise and improve your day. 

Positive affirmation shower

Enter the shower,  acknowledge the temperature of the water and allow your muscles to relax. Choose your mantra for the shower and lock it into your brain. An example might be, I am kind, I am strong, I am healthy and I am loved. 

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Inhale; feel the steam flow in through your nose and imagine it expanding through your chest. Exhale, release your tension, stress, negative thoughts and negative energy. Imagine these negative flows eagerly escaping out of your mouth. Repeat 10 full breath cycles this way.

Tune into the sound of the water as it soothes your brain and allows any thoughts and feelings to be washed away. After 5-10 mins of deep relaxing breathing, step out of the direct flow of water in your shower and you are ready to start your self love exfoliating exercise.

Start by exfoliating your feet, as you complete the up down motion. Notice the touch of the glove and the sensation on your skin. With each stroke of the glove repeat that mantra that you have selected for the day. 

As you step back into the full flow of the shower, watch the dead skin start to wash away. Use it as a sign that your negative energy and toxins are flowing out of you and down the drain. Close your eyes and place your hand over your heart center. Take 5 deep breaths in and out.  Allow yourself to feel the positive energy radiating from your heart.